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Wix Coders

Infuze Group Limited are your leading expert in Wix Code and some of the UK's Leading Wix Coders

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Wix Velo Developers


The developers at Infuze Group are some of the worlds most well known developers in Wix Velo.

We specialise in all things Wix Velo (Wix Code). We really can achieve your impossible. 

What can we do? Well, almost anything, but Just to name a few below;

  • Third Party API Integrations including Stripe, UPS, After-pay, Lodgify, Streamline VRS, MLS and More.

  • Customisation of Wix Stores

  • Customisation of Wix Bookings

  • Save money with custom built forms

  • Custom Payment Gateways

  • And More!!

Wix Certification Number


Wix Velo Features

Wix Velo can nearly do anything. By that we mean, since starting a business we have not had to say no to a client due to the incompatibility with the Wix Product. 

If you have a doubt in your mind of what's possible then we need to flip that switch because yes it is possible and yes our certified Wix Developers can do it. 

Have a chat to one of our consultants today to start the journey to make your impossible, our possible.

Yes you can!!!

Wix Pay API

Take payments on your website in custom forms and coding. No need for Wix Ascend with Custom coded payment forms.

Custom Forms

With our custom coded forms there is no need for Wix Ascend plan just to have unlimited steps in your online form or calculator.

Wix Fetch API

Wix Fetch is the API exposure element of Wix, This means we ca talk to other Software and apps. See some examples here

Instant Calculators

Our Wix Coders can build you a instant quoting tool on your wix website. Custom instant calculators for tradespeople are a popular request.


Our Roadmap

When we take on a new Wix code development project we follow a strict process that starts with the brief. What happens next?

Wix Coder Discovery

It all starts with a discovery call. During this free 15 minute conversation with our certified Wix Coders we find out; What is your need?, What is your timeframe?, How does it affect your business? and What is your budget?

Quote Acceptance

Once we have written the scope our consultants will provide it to you via email. You can review this scope in detail and accept the quote online. 

Contributor Access

If it has not already been provided we will request contributor access to your Wix Website as a Website Manager. Work cannot commence until this has happened

Hand Over

Upon our development completion we will have another short 10-15 minute video call to hand back our work to you. Upon this call you will also be provided with a handover document and/or the final invoice.

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After the discovery call our Wix coders will go away and find the best solution for you. We will then offer a scoped quote that explains the tasks we will do to make your requirement a reality. 

Deposit Invoice

Once you have accepted the quote, our accounts department will send you the deposit invoice. Our deposits are usually 80% of the quote prior to work commencing on your site.

Work Commencement

Once we have contributor access to your site and your start date has arrived our certified Wix coders will begin. During this time we ask you do not modify, change, enter or edit your Wix website. This is because some of our work may be not ready and if you publish it could affect site functionality.

Backup & Support

One of our consultants will ask if you would like to have a backup and support plan. Our Service plans are a simple way to ensure you are covered in the event of a Wix Change that may affect the code we wrote, or something you have done in the editor that affects the code. Due to the nature of Coding within Wix as a contributor, after handover we cannot guarantee the success or give warranty for coding as it could get affected by you while editing.

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Get in Touch Today!

Get in touch for a free consult, or send through an enquiry using our form. Can't wait to chat!

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