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Meet The Brand

Want to know about us? Here is or story and the team behind the brand.

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About Infuze Group

We thought we would be polite and introduce ourselves a little more. We are a tech company, situated in the small town of Dursley in Gloucestershire. Our team of professional web developers and designers make your impossible, our possible.


As a team, we solve problems. Mainly, your problems. We have 2 certified Wix Velo Experts, one certified 1 Wix Velo Master, one office manager and our office admin who keeps us all together. But that's us as a whole, let us introduce ourselves singularly. People buy from people. So let us begin…


Firstly, Infuze’s Tech Lead, Scott Purslowe. A coding wizard! He previously worked as a marketing manager for John Deere. Working on WordPress was an annoyance for him due to the lack of vigour and options available. Therefore he decided to focus on Wix Code as he saw its potential in the market.


He found there was a gap of knowledge in Wix Code after relentlessly searching for forums or some assistance. Scott taught himself through exploring Wix Code. He decided to provide the assistance that was missing in the market. Scott decided to create his own company doing the work he loved. Then, Infuze was born! Through his dedication and persistence, Infuze is now shaping the generation of website development.


Scott is logically driven, always finding a complete solution to clients problems. He’s a genius, really. While remaining the driving force behind making anything possible, he is laid back and enjoys a good laugh with his team. Operating an open-door policy, alongside his patience, allows for encouragement within the Infuze team. Scott believes in a good team dynamic, where everyone working together on the same level, drives the passion within a business. Oh, did we mention he’s Australian…


Second up, Jo Purslowe. Our director. Her experience from previous roles as a manager in a software development company, as well as an education in HR and accounting, has provided Infuze with a solid base for a powerful group. Both Scott and Jo work in synergy to shape the new generation of web design.


While remaining open and outgoing, she keeps everything organised. Everything is in place. Jo remains true to herself, being the ideal director for a company. The Infuze group are like a family, relying on each other and supporting each other. Jo’s approachable and friendly personality motivates communication within the team.

And that’s us! Yes there is only the two of us but we have strategic partnerships that allow us to maintain the best quality and support in our work.  We all have very different backgrounds but we work together, toward a common goal. To revolutionise the way websites are developed. Our team drive allows us to deliver on our promises. Be assured that with Infuze, your website will exceed your expectations.


We are more than happy to answer your enquiries. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to fact find about your project requirements.


Infuze, turning your impossible into our possible.

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Meet Jo and Scott

Scott Purslowe

Founder, Managing Director

Cert # - 8147-6753

I love to help customers achieve their impossible. I strive to ensure a solution is found for every one of our customers. 

Joanna Purslowe.jpg

Joanna Purslowe

Director, Office Manager


I love to ensure customer satisfaction and i strive for streamlined processes. I'm always looking to further my knowledge and personal growth.


Strategic Partners

UK Business Improvement Specialists with a difference.

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Some of the global leaders in Wix Design

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5 Star Rated Wix Partner with the Legend Status

Certified Wix Corvid Specialist & Master



Absolute honesty in all our dealings. We will be honest with ourselves and you at all times, in words and deeds.



We will take responsibility for all our actions by putting your needs first with transparency and openness.



We will deliver on our promises as if they were our own. We know that dedication to your success will guarantee ours.


Why Infuze Group?

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